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Updated: Sep 21, 2023

Welcome to my blog

Hey there, my name is Andres Acosta and I'm a tattoo artist from Austin, TX (USA). I've been tattooing for over 14 years and I specialize in color realism/surrealism. I own a private studio called Exile Art Collective in north Austin, where I tattoo and also teach seminars, workshops and classes for tattoo artist.

You can read a little more of my bio here -> BIO

I wanted a place where I can talk about whatever I want! Specially everything tattoo related.

I already started with a couple of posts about some tattoos I've done recently. I want to share more info about each piece. I'm going to post about tattoo education and my opinions on different areas of the craft.

This will be the place I'm going to keep up to date, since I'm not too happy with other social media platforms at the moment. So if you wanna see what I'm creating, my process and my thoughts, make sure to follow and subscribe!

Weekly Tattoos

Im going to brake down each tattoo I finish. Adding the references/inspiration, original design, stencils, layers after each session, color used and more.

Tattoo Education

I've been an educator for a few years now, offering live and online seminars, private classes, large workshops and tutoring. I wanted to have a portal online where I can share some information and things related with artistic growth and tattooing techniques/approach.

I'll start with some post for everybody, and as the time goes by and I create more post, these will change to a private access for subscribers only.

In the meantime, you're welcome to cruise thru this post, like and comment. I'll be reading all of them and getting back at everyone as the time allows me.


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