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Burning Lotus

I've been doing a lot of burning roses lately, and I wanted to do this on a different flower than a rose, so I posted about it and got this client asking me about a lotus and I instantly thought this could be a fun project.

I started with a few references of a lotus and added some burning elements to the petals and the background. Keeping the neutral grays against those warm oranges to create a nice and striking contrast.

Here's the original photo I used to create the design for this piece:

I used photoshop to make my own design. This is the final result that I showed my client:

She loved it, we placed the stencil and had a nice first session. It took two sessions total, about 12 hours of work in two separated dates. Here's the first layer:

Definitely a fun piece and I'm sure I'll be trying different flowers for this cool effect in the near future.

Here's a video of the final piece:

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