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How far out are you booked?


I usually book 8-12 months in advance at all time. But starting 2023 Andres will change the way he books.

Details will be posted soon.

Where are you located?


I work in my private studio called Exile Art Collective in Austin, Texas.

What is the booking process?

  • Submit a request here. Be sure to include all requested info including a photo of YOUR body in good lighting. 

  • If your submission is something Andres will book, you will receive an email with an approximate estimate.

  • After accepting the estimate, you will be added to a running list of projects to be discussed with Andres. Most people stay on this list for about 4 months before they get to the top.

  • Once the project is reviewed, you will be notified if your project was accepted or declined. Accepted projects will include a more accurate quote as well as scheduling and deposit info.

How easy is to get schedule an appointment with Andres?

Andres receives multiple inquires for tattoos every day. He only accepts projects that he feels he can do a superb job on and that are in line with his style. Due to the fact that he can only tattoo one client per day, many projects are declined. If your project is declined feel free to submit a different idea in the future.

How much is the minimum for a tattoo?


What tattoos are more likely to get approved or declined?

Tattoos on Realism/Surrealism style, full color, with full artistic freedom and  straight forward concepts are more likely to get accepted. On the other most cover-ups and overly complicated/detailed concepts are not considered. Also, sleeves or large projects are consider once in a while.


Do you travel or go to any conventions?


Yes, I travel for guest spots, and I like to go at least to a couple of out-of-state conventions every year. I'll post information about them on the Home Page and on social media via Instagram and Facebook.

How many languages you speak?

I speak English, but my first language is Spanish.

Is a deposit required to book an appointment?

Yes, you'll have to send $500 per day booked. This amount will be part of the price of each day.

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