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Autumn, F

I don’t even know where to begin! There aren’t words to describe how amazing my experience with Andres was. Walking into the space, it was very clean, inviting, and decorated with the most unique and fascinating decor.  


The placement of my tattoo comes with a certain degree of discomfort, as well as exposure, both of which I was pretty nervous about. However, Andres was always very professional, and made me feel so comfortable. 


I waited over five years for a tattoo from Andres, and it was worth every minute. The final result is beyond anything I could have imagined. The tattoo looks so real and lifelike, like I could grab it right off my skin. The color is so bright and is flawlessly layered and blended. It’s perfect. I am so grateful to Andres for his talent, professionalism, and for making my tattoo experience truly unforgettable.

Megan, P


I had been wanting to get a rose tattoo on my hip for years, and I finally decided to take the plunge and get it done with Andres. From the moment I walked into the tattoo shop, I felt at ease and comfortable. Andres was so professional, and made my experience flawless.


The tattoo turned out better than I could have ever imagined. The shading and coloring were perfect, and the placement on my hip is esthetically pleasing. Andres took his time to make sure everything was perfect, and I really appreciated his attention to detail.


Miranda, C

"I just wanted to say that Acostattoo is by far the most comfortable tattoo studio I have had the pleasure to experience. The professionalism Andres provides go above and beyond  anything that you would expect! Not only is he amazing and talented artist he makes sure you are comfortable through the entire process. I highly recommend Acostattoo and it will be the only place I will go for my future tattoos!!"




"I can’t begin to explain how happy I am with my new tattoo! Andres is amazing! I gave him a few ideas of the look I was going for and he created a beautiful masterpiece. He made sure to listen to my wants and needs to ensure I was happy with his design. Andres made sure I was comfortable throughout the session and he was extremely friendly and patient. His attention to detail is phenomenal and his passion and skill are clearly evident in his work! I am constantly getting compliments on my tattoo and am so grateful that I had the chance to get tattooed by him! Thank you Andres!!​."


Kenneth, C

"I contacted Andres about a sleeve project after finding his card at a tattoo convention and falling in love with his portfolio.  I told him I'd be flying into Austin every couple months for back-to-back sessions to get everything completed and he was very accommodating.  He was very helpful guiding me through my sleeve process with enthusiasm and bringing great ideas to the table.  His shop is always immaculate and comfortable, and his professionalism and kindness could only be outdone by his generosity.  I couldn't be happier with the entire experience and recommend him highly to anyone considering getting quality work done.  I can't leave the house without getting compliments!"


Ashlynn, G

"My experience with Andres was absolutely amazing! It was my first larger tattoo and he could tell I was nervous. I was coming from out of town so he made it a point to keep in contact with me and make sure both of our ideas were aligned. When I got the tattoo he did everything to make sure I was comfortable. I could not be happier with his artwork. It is worth every penny and the time spent to get the tattoo. I will be going back to him for future tattoos because his pieces are just so unique and so refined. I would recommend him to anyone​."


Angela, H 

"I am in love with my tattoos from Andres Acosta and I highly recommend him to anyone in search of a great artist!  I have had multiple pieces done by him and I am absolutely in love with them all.  He puts so much thought and consideration into all of his designs and work and is extremely professional and very friendly which makes the tattoo experience enjoyable.  I researched a lot of different tattoo artist before choosing Andres and he definitely exceeded my expectations!  I look forward to having more work done by him in the near future."


Jennifer, M


"I consider myself lucky to have 2 beautiful pieces by Andres.  In both experiences the booking session was simple and easy.  Meeting Andres the first time he was very professional and for the first hour he is making sure the tattoo that he has designed for you is what you’re wanting.  He is patient and listens to your concerns when it come to every aspect of the tattoo process; design, coloring, placement, etc.  I  was very impressed with Andres level of detail and patience in his work.I couldn’t recommend Andres anymore than I already do, his work is beautiful and he himself is very humble and easily one of the nicest, insanely talented, very professional tattoo artists i’ve had the pleasure to work with"​


Marcelly, Q

"I absolutely love my tattoo from Andres Acosta!!! He definitely exceeded my expectations, and I had really high ones!! He took note of everything I requested for the tattoo, created an amazing design, discussed and tried different options with me before we started the tattoo. I really appreciate that he offered me his honest,professional opinion, and even though I was set on getting something he didn’t particularly recommend, he still went out of his way to please me and executed a kick-a$$ tattoo! So you can rest assured that he will give you the best advice for your tattoo, he is a talented artist who cares about his art and clients."


Rachelle, A


"Seriously amazing! I flew all the way from Kamloops, BC, in Canada, all the way down to Kyle, Texas to see Andres. He showed me the design, after I gave him a pretty open idea, and it was perfect. Andres stayed until 2am to finish my tattoo, as I came from so far away, and it has healed perfectly. It doesn't need any touch-ups despite being on my hand! He was gentle, and put up with my whining for numbing cream the whole time! I would highly recommend him to anyone, and definitely will be back for more work when I have the time! Thanks so much to him and his apprentice for seeing my partner and I. Great experience!"


Britteny, M

"Andres tattooing professionalism has by far been the best I have ever experienced. Not only was he clear and always efficient with his communication in setting up my appointment but he provided a very clean and comfortable atmosphere throughout my tattooing session. He is very accommodating and his work is by far some of the best in the tattooing industry hands down. 

I highly recommend booking a spot for one of his masterpieces"


Loretta, M


"​I have been following Andrés’ work for a few years and was thrilled when he agreed to do a skull/cherry blossom piece on my hand and lower forearm to complete a sleeve. His level of detail and professionalism is superb and demonstrated in every aspect of the experience from the initial communication, the actual sessions and the follow up communication after the tattoo was complete. His studio also reflects his level of professionalism and thankfully the hours in the chair went by pretty quickly!"


Maria, L

"I came to Andres for my very first tattoo! I can honestly say it was the best decision ever. Ive followed Andre's work for nearly 5 years before seizing the opportunity to finally get a tattoo from him. Andres was very friendly and understanding of my needs/worries of course with it being my first time. His apprentice Aleah was also very kind to me and was fun to talk to. He went out of his way to make me feel comfortable and in the end gave me the most beautiful tattoo I could've ever asked for. I constantly get compliments on it and always have people asking where I got such a lovely tattoo. I definitely recommend him to anyone looking to add some color in their life. He is amazing!"


Misti, H


"My experience with Andres Acosta:

From the rendering, to execution of MY Rose tattoo, I knew I was in good hands with Andres.

His art & application are next level & My healing process was a dream.

Smooth, beautiful colors blending into my skin for eternity. 

Moving into this new age of tattooing there are so many great artists to admire, & I feel we should collect our pieces thoughtfully.  This piece & Andres are part of my daily conversation when asked, " who did that!!?!" 



I'm proud to say YES! it is!"


Amanda, S

"I’ve flown down to Austin, from Michigan, for the past years to have Andres work on my sleeve.  His work is absolutely incredible.  His attention to detail and to his client’s comfort is outstanding. Every sitting has been relaxed and chill.  Words can’t express how much I love my art.  Andres is awesome!!"


Kayla, S


"​Andres has awesome professionalism. He take his time and makes sure you feel comfortable. Through the long sessions we've had, I've always felt comfortable and he also makes sure you feel the least pain possible! I'll always be a returning client."


Kelly, P

"Andrés Acosta is an amazing artist who is passionate about his work. Not only does he bring tattoos to life, but he genuinely cares about me as a client. I am beyond honored to be his canvas. His realism is phenomenal and his color choices are out of this world. The atmosphere at his shop is always positive, professional, and comfortable. Everything is always clean and sanitized before, during and after the session. His work never fails to blow me away. I only dream to one day have my entire body blessed with his work. I am forever grateful and fortunate to have Andrés Acosta as my tattoo artist."


Celina, C


"​Having had only small tattoos from random artists, I came across Andres' Instagram and knew instantly that he was who I wanted to give me my first major piece of artwork. During our first session his attention to detail, professionalism, passion for his craft were abundantly evident.  His heart shows through in his work and his laid back demeanor make your sessions stress-free and fun. It's always exciting to have random people recognize his work or ask who my artist is. His art speaks for itself and I'm always looking forward to my next session!"


Haley, R

"Andres is the best tattoo artist I have ever gone to, hands down. He’s so incredibly talented, but also really nice and actually cares to get to know his customers. Ive never been so happy about a tattoo ever, and I would recommend him to anyone!"


Jane, M


"My experience with Andres was amazing. Being that I'm from Dallas I had very limited time. He finished the piece in 10 hours on that one day I was in Austin so I wouldn't have to make the drive back down for a second session. He was very professional, very hygienic, easy to talk to and I loved that he had his own space. He made me feel super comfortable and was very accommodating. I so look forward to having more work done with Andres."​


Marley, S

"I found Andrés via Instagram back in 2013. For almost a year I had been looking for an artist who could give me a carbon copy of a piece that I had admired for years, on one of my favorite pieces of art. I finally booked my appointment and will never regret my choice. This was one of my first larger pieces so I did not know what to expect. He was truly effortless. The process seemed to sail through, with little to no pain what so ever. It was almost too easy. 


I was so happy with the outcome of my first piece, that during my second session of my first larger piece, we dreamed up what I’d be getting next. Which of course, was one of his incredible roses. Again, effortless. I truly believe the process is so easy and the work is so beautifully detailed and lasting is because, he is a COMPASSIONATE artist. He will exceed expectations! 


Here we are a little over five years later, and to this date, everyone who sees my tattoos comment on how beautiful they are! 


Kali, G

"I’m very pleased with all 4 of the tattoos I’ve gotten done by Andres. They turned out even better than expected. I love the detail of each and every one and the colors too. Never disappointed! I’m sure I’ll be back for more."


Heather, L


"​Andres is a fantastic tattoo artist!  He takes the time to go over ideas and possibilities for your desired ink, and makes sure both of you are on the same page before beginning the tattoo.  Highly recommend!  I love my glowing rose!  It healed great!"


Velma, R

"From walking in, to the process of getting a tattoo, and talking about aftercare, Andres remains professional and will ensure that you are in great hands. This is the best experience I’ve had while getting tattooed and I plan on continuing all my work with him"


Madonna, M


"​You'll come to him for his undeniable talent, and you'll keep coming back to him because he is such a pleasure to be around."

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