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Fire & Ice Roses (Burning rose)

Sydney approached me with the idea of doing an opposing "Fire & Ice" concept with my roses. She wanted the roses to mirror each other on her lower stomach/hip area.

Since I've been doing a lot of this roses, and I've done ice roses in the past, I thought it was a cool idea.

We started with the fire rose, it took two sessions, each one over 5-6 hours. This was the end of the first session:

Then she sent me this photo she took with her phone of the tattoo all healed up ready for the final session:

I ended up doing a double layer on some areas and finished what was left on our second session. This is the final result:

Next, well be adding the Ice rose on the right side. I'll make a post about it when its done, but here's the design:

Sydney sat like a professional and she's super excited about our next appointment.

Thanks for reading!


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