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In here, you'll be able to contact me for tattoo appointments and private classes. You can also find educational material and the schedule for all the events, travel and guest spots I have planned this year.

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My books are usually closed, but I open them randomly thru the year. I keep a waiting list of 6 months, so most of the submissions don't get a reply right away. Please go here for more info.

I have been helping to educate my fellow peers in the tattoo industry since 2015. This includes apprenticeships, live seminars, webinars, hand on workshops and private classes. For more information click here.


I'll be doing a larger seminar at Hell City Phoenix convention on August 25th. Tickets will be on sale soon.

Travel 2024


  • Austin Tattoo Festival - August 2nd-4th -TX

  • Hell City Phoenix - August 23rd-25th - AZ

  • All Stars Tattoo Convention - Nov 15th-17th - FL

For booking any of these, please click here.

I offer high quality, realistic 3D nipple tattoos for anyone who needs them. Click here to see some of the ones I've done.

Tattoo Reviews


"​You'll come to him for his undeniable talent, and you'll keep coming back to him because he is such a pleasure to be around..."

Education Reviews

"The private class with Andrés was the hands down the best thing I could have done for my tattoo career..."

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