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In person tattooing education with Andrés

These classes are only available in person and they take place in Austin, Texas, USA.

They are dedicated and tailored specifically for each student. Andrés is offering from introduction to tattooing to more advanced tattooing skills. If you need help figuring out which class would be best for you, after you apply, he'll review your portfolio and recommend which kind of class would suit you best.

Available in English and Spanish.

These classes are TAX DEDUCTIBLE, you can file as continuing education. 



One on One

Private, hands on immersive class with Andrés

Get the most out of it with this

One on one, hands-on class with Andres, 16hrs of information, tattooing, training and exercises.


Two Person

Come with a fellow artist and split the cost, two people max.

Hands-on class with Andrés, 16hrs of information, tattooing, training and exercises shared with another attendee. Two people max.



Follow Andrés in a full day of tattooing, walking you thru his process in a normal day of work.

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Crystal Dawn, AL

Recently I took a course with Andrés Acosta, on color realism.

I must admit, that the knowledge he shared with me has led me to create better over all designs, helped me comprehend color theory and showed me techniques that he uses, while he is designing and tattooing.


Since then, my tattoos and artwork have improved immensely.

He was professional, and he spoke with purpose.

10 out of 10 recommend learning from him, if you are wanting to further your career in tattooing.

When I get the chance, I will enroll in another class 🤗

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