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Two day

Private Class

Price: $5,000.00

One on one private class (1 person max):



    • First steps and Introduction to tattooing 

    • Basics and/or Advanced tattoo techniques, sharpening and adding new things to your arsenal (recommended for tattooers with not as much experience without a solid base)

    • Color blending and mixing exercises

    • Tattoo Design and digital designing with Photoshop

    • Basic & Advanced Color theory for tattoo artists

    • Art of layering and multisession tattooing

    • Introduction to realism & surrealism


These classes focus on one or all of the subjects above. Please request the type of class when applying. 

Price: $5,000.00



  • Food and Drinks

  • Cartridges for the workshop

  • Fake skin 4x4

  • Inks for workshop 

  • Color pallet (will be delivered to your studio directly from Eternal Ink after palette is created during the class) 10 1oz bottles.

  • 20% discount on eternal inks for one order.

  • PDF with information

  • Certificate of completion

  • 1 Month of direct communication with Andres thru WhatsApp or Signal.



First Day

    • There’s presentations going over all the techniques and everything we are going to be applying during the workshop and any other topic discussed at the time of booking the class

    • Q&A

    • Portfolio critiques and developing a plan for improvement 

    • Developing a plan to improve techniques

    • Build a custom palette to add to your arsenal of inks.

    • We’ll be preparing the design on photoshop together

    • Making the stencil

    • Going over the set up and selecting the needles

Second Day

    • Going over the overall plan and palette we are going to be using for the tattoo

    • Tattoo next to me all day, I’ll guide you through the whole process, answering questions

    • Demonstrating techniques 

    • Blending and mixing exercises.

Available in English or Spanish.


These classes are TAX DEDUCTIBLE, you can file as continuing education. 

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