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Plastic Wrap


You will need:


- Unscented antibacterial soap (Dial Soap)

- Plastic wrap

- Aftercare lotion. I recommend Redemtion Tattoo Aftercare, but you can use another brand.  It needs to be mild and unscented.

- Sunblock of at least 30spf (after it heals)


How to take care of your new tattoo:


1. Keep your tattoo wrapped for at least 1-2 hours after you leave the shop.  I recommend leaving it wrapped overnight.


2. After unwrapping your tattoo (it will be oozy), wash your hands with antibacterial soap and then lather and wash your tattoo well.  You should apply enough pressure to remove the layer of ooze on top of the skin.  You will know that layer of ooze is removed because your tattoo will not feel slippery.  Rinse tattoo thoroughly.


3. Blot tattoo dry with high quality paper towel. Do not use a cloth towel or wash cloth because it will leave fibers on your tattoo which can cause infection.


4. Let tattoo air dry for 20 minutes to an hour, then rewrap with plastic wrap. 


5. Remove wrap every four hours and wash like described above.  Let dry for 20 minutes to an hour, and rewrap. 


6. Repeat this step 5 every four hours for the first 3 days.  You can wash your tattoo right before bed and wrap it until morning so you don't have to wash it throughout the night.


7. After 3 days, leave your tattoo unwrapped.  It should not be leaking fluid at this point.  If dry or itchy, apply a small amount of Ohana Organic Tattoo Aftercare to tattoo in a thin layer. DO NOT OVERAPPLY!


*Tattoo should peel in 5-10 days.  DO NOT PICK AT YOUR TATTOO!!!  Let the skin fall off naturally.  If you washed the tattoo well and kept it wrapped like stated above, you should not form a scab.


*REMEMBER: Getting a tattoo is an invasive procedure, and a tattoo is a fresh wound!  Always wash your hands before touching it during the healing process, and don't let others touch it! 


*AVOID direct sunlight on your tattoo for 4-6 weeks.  You should always wear sunblock on your tattoo (after it has healed) for the rest of your life.  SUN DAMAGES TATTOO PIGMENT AND WILL DEGRADE YOUR ART!

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