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advanced tattooing & process


How to watch the videos?


Get access to this replay video of the "Advanced tattooing & process" webinar hosted in Zoom on November 8th 2020. After you purchase access, you will have access anytime and anywhere by logging in and clicking on the bottom "GET ACCESS" below. Go to "how to watch videos" and follow the instructions.


There's a video of the presentation with the slides and another one of the tattooing part. Includes the PDF downloadable file with the slides and written Q&As.


Webinar description:


Andres Acosta’s webinar gives you a glimpse into his process by taking you through the basics of visual arts as well as the application techniques that he has developed over the years. You will also get a look into his layering techniques that he applies to multi-session tattoos by dissecting examples of his work with progress pictures that show in detail each stage of his tattooing process.

He will explain how he plans the steps required to guide and prioritize the important elements for a well-balanced tattoo. By focusing on color theory, it is possible to change the way the observer perceives your work, and Andres will give tips and tricks that will help you to develop different feels or effects that tricks the eye and brain.


This information is designed to help the student understand how to use light and color to their advantage to create eye catching compositions as well as introduce the importance of layering in this craft.