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Private Classes

In person tattooing education with Andrés

These classes are only available in person and they take place in

Austin, Texas, USA.

They are dedicated and tailored specifically for each student. Andrés is offering from introduction to tattooing to more advanced tattooing skills. If you need help figuring out which class would be best for you, after you apply, he'll review your portfolio and recommend which kind of class would suit you best.



Available Dates


One on One

Private Classes

One on one class with Andrés, 8hrs of information, training and exercising.


Small Group Classes

Same as the One on one classes, but in a small group set up. (2-3 people max)


Introduction to Tattooing 

This class is made for beginners, no experience required.

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Online Classes


Book time with Andrés for a meeting online, seminars and more

Coming soon


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