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I’m also doing a larger workshops for ten (10) people, and the next one is a two (2) days workshop on my process on how to tattoo a rose, from beginning to end. I’ll be preparing and tattooing a rose while you guys follow me, I’ll be guiding you through the whole process and answering all your questions. That’s on in February 3rd-4th.


For more info about this event please email back after filling out the form at the end of this email. Use ROSE WORKSHOP in the title. 




  • Food and Drinks (more details when you purchase)

  • Cartridges for the workshop

  • Fake skin 4x4

  • Inks for workshop 

  • 20% discount on eternal inks for one order.

  • PDF with information

  • Certificate of completion

For information about pricing and availability please send me an email by clicking here

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