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Types of Classes


One on One

Private class

One on one class with Andres, 8hrs of information, training and exercising.

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Two days

Small Group class

Same as the One on one classes, but in a small group set up.

(2-3 people max)

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Online Classes

Book time with Andrés for a meeting online, seminars and more

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Type of Classes


   Classes are booked by the day, and they can be from one (1) day to (3) days. They can be individual/private one on one, or they can be in small groups of two (2) or three (3) people max.


One on one private class (1 person max):


    • First steps and Introduction to tattooing 

    • Basics and/or Advanced tattoo techniques, sharpening and adding new things to your arsenal (recommended for tattooers with not as much experience without a solid base)

    • Color blending and mixing exercises

    • Tattoo Design and digital designing with Photoshop

    • Basic & Advanced Color theory for tattoo artists

    • Art of layering and multisession tattooing

    • Introduction to realism & surrealism

These classes focus on one or all of the subjects above. Please request the type of class when applying. 

   Two (2) days private class. Small Groups (3 people max):


    • Andres’s tattooing process

    • Tattoo Design and digital designing with Photoshop

    • Introduction to realism & surrealism

    • Color blending and mixing exercises

    • Advanced Color theory for tattoo artists

    • Art of layering and multisession tattooing

    • Introduction to Photography

For beginners or those who are wanting to get into tattooing, there's an introductory class where Andres will help you start the right way and will guide you for all those basics and beginning stages. Package includes machine and basic ink set.




  • Food and Drinks

  • Cartridges for the workshop

  • Fake skin 4x4

  • Inks for workshop 

  • Color pallet (will be delivered to your studio directly from Eternal Ink after palette is created during the class) 10 1oz bottles.

  • 20% discount on eternal inks for one order.

  • PDF with information

  • Certificate of completion

  • 1 Month of direct communication with Andres thru WhatsApp or Signal.






    First Day:


    • There’s presentations going over all the techniques and everything we are going to be applying during the workshop and any other topic discussed at the time of booking the class

    • Q&A

    • Portfolio critiques and developing a plan for improvement 

    • Developing a plan to improve techniques

    • Build a custom palette to add to your arsenal of inks.

    • We’ll be preparing the design on photoshop together

    • Making the stencil

    • Going over the set up and selecting the needles


    Second Day:


    • Going over the overall plan and palette we are going to be using for the tattoo

    • Tattoo next to me all day, I’ll guide you through the whole process, answering questions

    • Demonstrating techniques​

    • Blending and mixing exercises.

This is TAX DEDUCTIBLE, you can file as continuing education. 

How to book a class

For information about availability please send me an email by clicking here

Available in English or Spanish.

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